Hi and welcome to Mount Carmel Media.

Our company is a positive media outlet, producing engaging content on health and wellbeing and business.

Mount Carmel Media was birthed in 2019 out of sheer frustration of fake news, lack of positive and meaningful content in the mainstream media.

I would recommend following subtle change: Our core aim is to shine a light, breathe life and plant seeds of hope, truth and joy. We do this by bringing understanding to the areas of health & wellbeing and business through conversations, real life testimonies and compelling programmes.

Our promise is to:

  • Encourage mental, emotional and physical wellbeing;
  • Promise insights to business stewarding;
  • Bring positive news from the most forgotten communities;

All current content is free to watch on Youtube. We also have a presence on social media. You can reach us on: Instagram, TikTok & Facebook.

Mount Carmel Media is made up of a community of pioneers & forerunners in their fields.


That’s Mental TV was launched in 2020, a short-term series which included interviews with young people to promote mental health. Sharing personal experiences of overcoming mental health through positivity.

Season two included 20-minute panel discussions on mental health and how pockets of society are coping.  Aimed to reduce the risk of mental health by sharing stories from community members at grass roots level.


E.M TV was launched in partnership with Life To All Nations TV based in India. Launched in 2020. A light-hearted Christian based programme that shared testimonies of signs, wonders and miracles. The core aim of this show.



This show promotes well-being.

Well-being impacts all areas of life.

This show explores the mind, body and spirit.


Christine Charles

Christine Charles


Christine Charles is a seasoned broadcaster in radio and tv, her creditionals include 7 years of broadcasting at RadioPlus Coventry 101.5fm.
Christine produced and presented on The Health and Wellbeing Show, which she bulit from the ground up with ex BBC Producer Tim Coleman.

Christine has been life coaching & training for over a decade in the area’s of resilience, career and leadership.

Broadcasting was never in Christine’s career plans but embraced it and moved forward with the support of some great mentors.

Nyasha Gudo

Nyasha Gudo


Nyasha Gudo is a self taught director whose process is founded on imagination and taking risks. Nyasha has directed theatre at the highest level at various subsidised and West End Theatres across the country from the Chichester Festival Theatre, National Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and The RSC.

He has also directed theatre in community, health and educational settings from schools, prisons to mental health trusts. Most recently Nyasha has directed “A Play For The Living In A Time Of Extinction” a co production between Headlong Theatre and Belgrade Theatre and was Associate Director on ‘Spitting Image Live’ at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre which transferred to the West End.

Simon Gordon

Simon Gordon

Content Creator

Simon has a passion for digital content creation. His versatile skills enable him to create content using photography, videography and graphic design. 

Simon has over seven years experience in digital content creation and runs his own business Alexander Media Creative. 

Simon manages all the video content, creates the short form content for the Mount Carmel Media social platforms, creates all the graphics